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If i were going to sell my fox, how much do yal think its worth?

i dont have an outrageous set up. it runs really good, keeps me smiling. I just ordered an American Thunder catback, the dumps are a bit too much right now. it has some minor flaws through out it but its a solid project still.
forged trw pistons
forged eagle rods
stock crank
gt40 heads ported and polished
gt40 intake port matched
girdle and windage tray
high volume oil pp
high flow water pp
2 core radiator
stock 5.0
aluminum flywheel
aluminmum driveshaft
sub connectors
4.10 rear
5 lug swap
weld big and littles
clean black interior
ext has some flaws throughout

ill try to post pics later, just kicking the idea around right now.

tell me what ya think?
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