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The install is very straight forward. It will take you well under an hour. To start, you can lift your car if need be.

In the next two picture are the important parts of focus

Number 1 shows the rubber piece that the muffler is being held by. Slide the hangers off of number 1. Number 2 shows the clamp between the muffler and the mid pipe. Once you unscrew the clamp keep the original clamp for this is needed when you put the new muffler on.

#3 shows the rear rubber holding the rear hanger. Keep them on.

To put the new mufflers on you just work backwards. Put the exhaust on the hanger and match up the mid pipe to the muffler. There is one annoying part. The drivers side is virtually impossible to put back on with this sway bar attached.

Just loosen the bolts and just pull it down as far as it can go. It will give you sufficient clearance to install the muffler.

Once your done enjoy. :)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts