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Tools/ Parts Needed:
-Dupli-color High Performance Caliper Paint Kit with Ceramic
*Includes brake cleaner and brush
-Brake cleaner (Use included or if anal like me use CRC brand)
-Paint brush/es a heavy 1" or a 1 and 2" sponge brush will work
-Jack and jack stands
-Torque wrench, breaker bar (opt), and ratchet
-13/16 deep socket


1. Place jack under appropriate jack point/s.

2. Jack the car up slightly, so the jacking wheel still has contact with the ground.

3. Using a breaker bar or large ratchet with the 13/16's socket, loosen the lug nuts utilizing the star pattern. Loosen no more then 1/4 turn.

4. Jack the vehicle up and place jack stand at the appropriate point.

5. Loosen the lug nuts relatively following the star pattern.

6. Gently remove the wheel and set it down face up.

7. Use the brake cleaner liberally and make sure that it has evaporated fully.

8. Stir paint and apply with the brush. Take your time. Allow 2-3 coats, with 10 minutes in-between.

9. Mount wheel back, use the star pattern and a light ratchet to tighten a little more then hand tight while vehicle is supported by the jack stand still.

10. Using the jack lift the vehicle enough to slide out the jack stand and lower the vehicle slowly.

11. With just enough weight on the tire torque the lug nuts to 100lbs. Be sure to re-torque after 100 miles.

12. Repeat for the other calipers.

-Photo courtesy of WhiteV6er


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Wow.. This is real easy. I was planning to remove and getting the calipers powder coated. Did you know if I can find color close to Grabber Blue?
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