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hypathetical question about transmissison

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okay say that you have my car, but you have a 8.8 rear end with t lok installed and 31 spline axles. and lets just say for some crazy reason your T-5 goes KABLEWEWEEELYLYYYYY!!!!! could that possibly damage the drive shaft or rear end???????
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chances are it will not depending on the situation
if you lose a gear like me
its gone and theres NO WAY your rear or driveshaft will go.
its like having 1st 2nd then no 3rd in your case and then you have 4th and 5th

that chances are slim to none anything will happen to your rear or driveshaft
i cannot think of an issue that'll break either while your tranny blows

BUT on the other hand like me
my spider gears are F**ked. so when i turn while moving the rear end cluncks and bucks the car back and forth violently shocking my brand new tranny. that'll do damage.

luckily its opposite in your case
=[ fix it.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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