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hypathetical question about transmissison

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okay say that you have my car, but you have a 8.8 rear end with t lok installed and 31 spline axles. and lets just say for some crazy reason your T-5 goes KABLEWEWEEELYLYYYYY!!!!! could that possibly damage the drive shaft or rear end???????
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if somehow **** explodes and somehow causes the driveshaft to take an extreme rotation or project backwards it is possible I suppose, but not likly

but i would wait to put you new rear, driveshaft, and tranny all in at once so you dont have to disconnect stuff twice.
welllll the drive shaft and rear end go in like monday (im not ****ing that up) and the transmission is waiting for a part which is like 2-3 more weeks, but the motor is prolly the same time frame so **** it

shoulda taken a before and after pic of the jack daniels.. it was fresh ...
you should be fine, nice alcohol choices lol
only the best dood, didnt take the absenith from the hisousseeee tho
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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