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hypothetical power question...

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I dont know if i would ever do this but it crossed my mind today and idk if there was a write up like this so im SORRY :D dont bash me for repost...not looking at if "it would be cheaper just to do such and such instead" just kinda wanna know this.....Say i took my 94 v6...did a split port swap, bought the M112 adaptor and SC and all the accesories and went with a 4.2L stroker kit what kind of gains would you see with it possible? Would it be better to just keep the 3.8 displacement or what? Like i said again i doubt i will ever do this i just wanna know! thanks guys! :eek:
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well there are still a lot of Variables in that like psi, cr, things like that. But you should get more power out of the 4.2 then the 3.8. also with the 4.2 you could get forged internals so you could up the psi. and make some real power.
depends on a man.

look around the 270- 330 rwhp range though
ya some wear in there, with the stock pulie. (it could be even more depending on cam, rr's, ect.
but you could sap the pulie and with some of the osthe menchend modsd get up to 400rwhp. maby more
or a KB...doesnt that fit the same adaptor as the M112 or is that a different plate? sorry if im gettin carried away i just wanna know...
yes a a kb will work with the adapter plate
KB>M112 power wise right?
i dont care for cars value.. i just want to make em different...

sooooo if my stang is worth 8k as it is i wouldnt care spending 12grands to make it the fastest in this whole damn import island... civic are so normal and 10 sec mirages.. i dont want to be part of the crowd i wanna stand out of the crowd :D
very true any one who wants to make a fast car realy can't Be concerned with resale value

Hell I will probably end up spending more on my engine alone then what I paied for the car.
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