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hypothetical power question...

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I dont know if i would ever do this but it crossed my mind today and idk if there was a write up like this so im SORRY :D dont bash me for repost...not looking at if "it would be cheaper just to do such and such instead" just kinda wanna know this.....Say i took my 94 v6...did a split port swap, bought the M112 adaptor and SC and all the accesories and went with a 4.2L stroker kit what kind of gains would you see with it possible? Would it be better to just keep the 3.8 displacement or what? Like i said again i doubt i will ever do this i just wanna know! thanks guys! :eek:
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depends psi.. i would say a good built 4.2 could give u 230-260h.p depending on compression, cam and what not..

maybe 300-320 at 12 psi? maybe more... just a rough estimate.. idk how much the m112 makes at 9 or more psi i never seen any one on a v6 yet.. and idk wheres tomzac...
i dont care for cars value.. i just want to make em different...

sooooo if my stang is worth 8k as it is i wouldnt care spending 12grands to make it the fastest in this whole damn import island... civic are so normal and 10 sec mirages.. i dont want to be part of the crowd i wanna stand out of the crowd :D
i'l join just to see the damn link lol
1 - 3 of 54 Posts
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