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hypothetical power question...

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I dont know if i would ever do this but it crossed my mind today and idk if there was a write up like this so im SORRY :D dont bash me for repost...not looking at if "it would be cheaper just to do such and such instead" just kinda wanna know this.....Say i took my 94 v6...did a split port swap, bought the M112 adaptor and SC and all the accesories and went with a 4.2L stroker kit what kind of gains would you see with it possible? Would it be better to just keep the 3.8 displacement or what? Like i said again i doubt i will ever do this i just wanna know! thanks guys! :eek:
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500 with the right pulley & m112
damn! that much huh? and the 3.8 block can handle that much power for awhile or would the bulk head **** out of it? like i said i doubt i ever do this just thought it would be bad ass :D thanks for going along with it tho and giving me some this site :yes
A forged, built, 3.8 block can handle 600hp

EVEN, 700hp

We're waiting to see if it can handle 800hp...
well i know that the crank,rods and pistons would have to be forged but thats what im talking about..the full forged 4.2l that would actually be a good investment to go that way in a sense? lookin at what....about 7k pricing high with a tune?
Find a forged crank for me.... nobody runs one.
so you think it would be on the "original side" and a good bang for the buck?
What you talking about?
just what it said....instead of doing a turbo or procharger...runnin a M112/4.2L stroker...i havent seen very many on a SN95 if ever...havent really i said..i dont plan on doing it but if i did would it be worth it....
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depends on what you consider worth it. i could put that kind of money into a $1,000 95 civic and run 12's soooo, whatever makes you happy.
Don't mind this guy, hes just mad because he got the shaft and can't run 13s with 16psi...:p:p
suck my balls bish!!!! i dont have an intercooler nor a DYNO tune, or experience on a track, or wider then 245 tires!, so get off my nugs ho :mad:
Well its not reason to wanna put money into your craptackular honda because you won't fork the cash to make the Stang right....

theres a guy on turbo mustangs with an M112 and a bone stock bottom end 3.8 making 430+hp
Yea lemme see if i can find it again, i saw it the other day, but you gotta be a member to view the board
Find the link I'll join:D:D

just have a built engine or youll go boom.

Whipple Industries
Could have sworn...


Aha, Oh well Turbo>them all:)
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