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hypothetical power question...

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I dont know if i would ever do this but it crossed my mind today and idk if there was a write up like this so im SORRY :D dont bash me for repost...not looking at if "it would be cheaper just to do such and such instead" just kinda wanna know this.....Say i took my 94 v6...did a split port swap, bought the M112 adaptor and SC and all the accesories and went with a 4.2L stroker kit what kind of gains would you see with it possible? Would it be better to just keep the 3.8 displacement or what? Like i said again i doubt i will ever do this i just wanna know! thanks guys! :eek:
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so split port,ported and polished of course,M112,and the 4.2 stroker kit what kinda power would you be lookin at?
damm everyone but 1 is low balling the **** outta this set up
a 4.2L built with an m112 at 10-12psi is easily about 400+rwhp

20psi did 500+ i believe maybe it was 24psi

really you dont need the split port upper intake

just heads and lower intake
damn! that much huh? and the 3.8 block can handle that much power for awhile or would the bulk head **** out of it? like i said i doubt i ever do this just thought it would be bad ass :D thanks for going along with it tho and giving me some this site :yes
well i know that the crank,rods and pistons would have to be forged but thats what im talking about..the full forged 4.2l that would actually be a good investment to go that way in a sense? lookin at what....about 7k pricing high with a tune?
A forged, built, 3.8 block can handle 600hp

EVEN, 700hp

We're waiting to see if it can handle 800hp...
holy **** i knew the block was strong but i didnt know it was that strong!
oh damn they dont have forged 4.2l cranks? wtf...haha...i guess i never pay attentioned to the kits....are the cranks that come with the kits stronger than the ones that are stock or are the same thing just new?
so you think it would be on the "original side" and a good bang for the buck?
just what it said....instead of doing a turbo or procharger...runnin a M112/4.2L stroker...i havent seen very many on a SN95 if ever...havent really i said..i dont plan on doing it but if i did would it be worth it....
or a KB...doesnt that fit the same adaptor as the M112 or is that a different plate? sorry if im gettin carried away i just wanna know...
id rather put 8 grand into my sn95 and run 13's then put any money into a civic :D i have morals hahahah i know what your saying...everything has a different angle and such and theres other ways to accomplish things...i just thought it would be a cool idea to get info on...
damn so you would deff need a 3" cowl hood haha
yes a a kb will work with the adapter plate
KB>M112 power wise right?
ya dude...idc about resale value...its the fact of not getting rid of it...and the thrill of accomplishing something on a "plane jane" v6....
only car i want to enjoy than a stang on a regular basis is a termi :D:D
hahaha wtf
alright cool! thanks again guys...just **** i wanted to know :D
exactly! woo! some fellow TRUE stangers who have the same thought as me :D
hhaha yea no ****
that thing is oh so nice...
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