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I bought it

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Well, I guess I should start hanging out and learning from you guys. Today I bought a 1997 Mustang GT Convertible. Fully loaded. Leather seats, Black top, automatic. Very Peppy (I test drove an 04 GT the other day and they both felt to have around the same power which I found odd). 94,000 miles on it. Leather on the drivers seat is a little worn, but no tears. Exterior is pretty much flawless. Im a GM and Dodge Guy, so I know nothing about Fords, so bare with me as I learn.

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Anything done to it?
you need to check if someone did a P.I. head swap and if not get crackin, good luck with the car bro.
looks real clean man....not a big convertible guy....still looks sweet...+1 on possbile PI swap....
Thanks guys, yeah, PI swap is definitely the first thing im gonna do (Assuming it hasnt been done?) I popped the hood and looked at the engine but didnt do a Thorough check for performance stuff. I should be bringing it home tuesday or wednesday (Im from NY, stationed in WI, so it's a pain in the ass and a whole shitload of paperwork im doing and overnighting stuff, its Gay). But Im excited :D ill get more pics up once I have it back here as well
nice ride man, love black on black on black
looks pretty clean man, you'll love it.. lots of fun! :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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