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I finally did it!

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A while back I was inquiring about rear seat deletes. I looked at a bunch of them on the web and thought they were really too expensive for what they were, so I bought the materials and made my own. It took about 3 hours to plan, cut, assemble and carpet it. It looks great. I had a double 10 sub box in my back seat so I am gonna remount the subs in the floor of it. I made it 10 inches tall in order to do so. I have some open air subs in my closet so I will try those if my Kickers don't sound right. I will post pictures tomorrow. Before I assembled it I made a pattern on white butchers paper so if any of you want the plans we can just mail them to each other, by the way my car is an 87 convertible. I am not sure if it will fit later years, they changed the seat surrounds I think in 89 or 90.
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Here are a few pics, the carpet color looks off in the picture but it is fairly close in natural light. I've also included pics of my new rims and tires. They are the Jegs Sport Lite rims 15x8 5.5 BS and 15x4 1.75 BS with 265/50/15s and 165/80/15s.
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