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I Got Laid Off Friday So The Build Up Parts Gotta Go So I Can Continue 2 Pay My Bills

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like title says, i got laid off friday after almost 2 years of work from that company. i'm told they are def gonna call me back, but they have no clue when. i'm not gonna try and struggle to pay my bills with the crappy unemployment money i will probably get, so i'm gonna back out of my current project.

All Prices Are "OBO" ...
... I Will Post Pictures When I Get A Chance

2001 Mustang GT PI Romeo Intake w/ Alum Crossover = $125 obo
(comes with gaskets, buch of bolts, tstat w/ housing)

2001 Mustang GT PI Romeo Camshafts = $60 obo
(comes with bolts and spacers)

2001 Mustang GT Alternator w/ Bracket = $60 obo

2001 Mustang GT COP's (8) = $100 obo
(one of the cop's has a broken plastic housing)

2001 Mustang GT Plenum = $25 obo

C&L TrueFlow Inlet Pipe (#706) = $125 obo
(comes with both couplers)
('96-'01 4.6L Mustangs)

C&L TrueFlow 80mm MAF (#10696) = $125 obo
(comes with 42lb injector calibration tube & maf sensor)
(doesn't include heat shield or air filter)
('96-'98 4.6L Mustangs)

C&L TrueFlow Upper Intake Plenum (#711C) = $100 obo
('96-'01 4.6L Mustangs)

Helix 1" Throttle Body Spacer & 1" Plenum Spacer = $50 obo

PI Swap Small Parts Package = $50 obo
(everything is brand new and sealed)
(Ford Coolant Tube : "XR3Z-18B402-AA")
(Ford Nipple : "F75Z-8555-AA")
(Duralast Waterpump O-Ring)

94-98 halo 1pc headlights = $75 obo

94-98 euro tail lights = $75 obo

- Dave
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thanks !!!

pennywise scares the sh!t outta me btw hahaha

- Dave
hey man post a pic of the 94-98 headlights please, I'm interested.. thanks
i dont have a close up (i can post 1 tomorrow) but heres a basic idea... they are still on the car, i got the stock 4pc. headlights to replace them !!!

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oh yeah i also have gauge overlay things ... these were on the car but i took them off !!!
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it is both sides right? if you'll take 60 for them, I'll take them and can you ship them?
yeah this is for both sides !!!

pm sent
headlights pending sale
thanks for the bump !!!
hey if it gets me free bumps ;)

... u gotta change ur avatar first tho hahaha
looks like he changed it? :dunno
hahaha... doesnt look like hes gonna change it !!!
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