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I got my exhaust!

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I know this has been done to death, but once you get it done, it is hard to resist the temptation to not do it.

I had my exhaust installed last Saturday for just under $700.

I kept my passenger side pipe, and then had a GT pipe installed on the driver's side. They then added an "H" section for the balancing pipe.

I'm not quite sure what type of flowmasters I have, but I do know they're 40's. 40 Deltas or Super 40's is not something I know. The guys at the shop didn't tell me, but I'm just going to assume they're Deltas.

My wife loves it and now she wants the same thing done to her '04. Except for her I'll go onto E-bay and buy some original 40's for her to use as well as maybe some MAC long tubes. She was somewhat offended that I would buy her "cheap internet junk" whereas I got to use a "custom made" set-up.:D

Video should be up in a few mins...
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It's Hawaii. EVERYTHING is more expensive here.
I could've had a crush-bent set-up from another shop for about $400, but I didn't like the idea of it.
They supplied the GT pipe.
Mufflers were $109 apiece, plus $60 labor per muffler, then they charged me for two 2.5" slant-cut 3" tips, 6 brackets, balancing pipe, welding, and the mandatory tip.
I didn't list all the charges because I had lost the little guestimate reciept.
Thanks, I was worried that it was going to sound like a Honda or something. Next up! 8.8 in rear w/3.73 & t-lok, long tubes, or a tuner.

...probably a tuner.
Thanks, james! All of my friends love it.

Nope, that's a sixer bumper. They just cut a slot for the other tip.
Yep, they went at with these big shears and they smoothed it out a little bit with a dremel tool.
Yeah, they tried to sell me Borlas at first but I wanted the Flows. They advertise that Borlas increase horsepower even in applications where mufflers aren't called for. They claim that the unique design of the mufflers causes the exhaust to accelerate faster and harder out of the tailpipe and creating a suction on the headers.
Thanks, I'll know where to look when I get more money saved up!
All 4.0L mustang exhaust = too quiet

The answer as I've said before:

" I've never heard it but somebody should try Pypes mid muffler system. "
You've never heard it, but you advise it? That's a little odd, don't you think?
so whats in plan now?
tuner, followed by either t-lok and gears or long tubes.
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