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I Got My New Exhaust!!!!!!!!!!

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(Hey juggs can you leave this here for awhile before you move it to the exhaust section...these are the guys I talk to and they're really the only ones who care about this.)
Hey guys I got my new exhaust installed today! I now have a true dual setup with factory cats, an H-pipe, and a Flowmaster American Thunder catback. It has polished tips that have flowmaster laser etched on the sides. This thing sounds AMAZING!!!!! I don't care if you believe me or not, I am noticeably louder than a stock GT:eek:. This setup has a nice low growl to it. It really rumbles. I couldn't be more thrilled about the whole thing. I was gonna wait until after I got my top replaced, but I have saved up enough money for both, so I figured why not. I don't regret the decision for a second. This thing ROCKS!!!!! I'm gonna try to get some pics up within the next week. As far as a sound clip...I'm gonna be like TJ, it might be a little while, but I'll have one eventually.:D
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I spent WAY MORE than I would have if any of my local shops had a mandrel bender. However, here is the price breakdown for mine. Pacesetter h-pipe adapter = $94, Flowmaster 40 delta american thunder true dual catback w/polished OEM tips = $392, Install = $150. That is a grand total of $636. You could probably get a similar setup for less, but it was WELL WORTH THE PRICE I PAID!
Yeah it feels great. I can actually feel the car rumble! I had heard the clips, but until now I didn't know a sixer could sound this good.
Yeah the only problem is that this thing is going to kill my fuel economy and shorten the life of my engine:rolleyes:;)...Since getting it installed late yesterday afternoon, I have gone out and started my car/revved the engine for no reason other than to hear it three different times. I also drove around my parking lot once, and I "re-parked" the car last night before I went to bed. I don't have anywhere I need to go today, but I'm sure I'm gonna go out somewhere, just so I can drive the car:D.
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