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I'm back at it again. Today with the car off I noticed my voltage dropped down to 9.6 volts instantly when I opened my car door.
I shut the door it instantly went back to 12.4. I did this twice thinking it was my interior light causing the huge drain and then realized the light stayed on after the door was shut.
I opened my door and hit the keyless entry door lock in hopes of the light going off (not thinking) but instead I find the light stayed on due to the door being open. Here's the catch, after using the remote door lock my voltage problem went away and would no longer drop. :confused:

I now discovered people having similar issues caused by a bad GEM module anyone have experience with this or ideas? Seems like a ground inside the cab.
I guess what I'm looking for is more info on if a GEM or multifunction switch will cause this.
My radio will also quit playing audio with the door open but doesNOT lose power.

Here's my previous post:
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