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I Need Some Bullit Rims

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i think the offsets a little different on our cars though :dunno
17's, 18's, stock, aftermarket, 99-04, 05+ ??????? What are you looking for?
all the stock 05+ wheels are on that website and their pretty cheap too
wouldn't asap be a better representation for being in a hurry then 911?
thats like an emergency :lol
Yeah It Is Hit A Curve With My Other Rims
Well I Just Want Some Stock Bullits Because Thats All I Can Afford So Far
And I Think That The 05+ Will Fit As Well But Withs Spacers
i've heard they look funny on ya'lls cars with the spacers though :dunno
Mustang GT Wheel & Tire Set<br>2005-2006 17X8 5 Spoke Aluminum<br>with Pirelli P235/55ZR17 98W<br>Pzero Nero (Charcoal Bullitt) - HOL-3589A-WT
but i highly reccomend these, thats the ones i have on my car and love em, kinda wish they were darker like the older gt's but hey they came on the car so i'm not complaining :lol
and heres the offset/spacer to fit you car too
Mustang 13mm Wheel Spacer Kit<br>Fits 05-08 Wheels to 94-04 Mustangs - FR3-20015-SPKIT
So W/o The Spacer It Wont Work
not as far as i know
I Didnt Need Any Spacers
They Fit Perfectly
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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