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I need someones opinion.

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One of my friends just recently traded his 98 firebird for a 96 4.6 5 speed mustang. He got 3800 for his firebird on the trade which was in decent condition with 101k miles. The stang was 5900, and it has 141k on the clock. Mods on the stang are plugs and wires, cold air, and a flowmaster not sure on what series, and it has a stage 3 racing clutch. It has 4 black pony rims, and from what it looks like is new tires.

i took a better look at the car today and the paint doesnt match the other parts of the car on the right hand side with the front panel and door. I drove it to a body shop that my other friend works at (the owner of the stang doesnt know how to drive stick well yet) and we had it on the lift and the frame needs to be pulled out about a 1/4 of an inch on the front.

When my friend went down to buy this car, the dealer did not tell him anything about this, and he didnt meantion if it had a reconstructed or a salvage title etc.., and made him sign an as is paper.

Now my question to you guys is, did my friend get ripped off, and if so is their anything he can do about it?
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He definitely got ripped off. My wife is in her final year of law school. I will get her to check the laws for you as she has access to more databases than normal people like you and me. What state are you in? This can affect the circumstances quite a bit.
Dennis-96GT is right. Pennsylvania like Virginia has adopted the Uniform Commercial Code. In this it says that the implied warranty (meaning that if you buy something it is supposed to work for its intended use) doesn't exist if it is sold "as is". So yes, signing an "as is" contract before you have a car checked out is (obviously) a BAD idea. It may be possible to do something about it but since my wife is still a student she is not allowed to give legal advice. My advice is to contact a lawyer for a free consultation and see what they can do.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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