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I've been suggesting McLeod's adjustable release brg for for quite some time on the boards. I've got some decent experience with these and after about 2 years with this set up on two '05 mustangs here I've concluded that this set up is not intended for daily drivers. Neither of these 2 cars are daily drivers.

I installed the first one on my car about 2 years ago. It's been fine and has only left a drip or 2 here and there in my garage in this time period. McLeod stresses NOT to adjust this unit while in the bell housing on their latest instruction paperwork included in the box. Mine never warned of this. Not that it matters as far as leaks go. I have adjusted mine on several occasions without removing the transmission. I just rotated it inside of the bell housing as my clutch would wear over a couple of thousand miles. I figured it was because of this that mine leaked a little.

We installed one in my son's '05 about a year ago (after a Ram failed immediately). The Mcleod unit leaked, but I assumed it may have been because we had it adjusted too far away from the diaphram and it possibly overextended. Not the case. I removed it and rebuilt the cylinder which takes about 20 minutes and involves a simple seal kit. I've rebuilt literally hundreds of hydraulic cylinders over the years so I'm well qualified to install a seal kit in this puny piece. I lubricated all seal rings with dot 3 fluid and cleaned all parts carefully and assembled it with extreme care being sure not to tear or damage any rubber parts during assembly. No problem, put it in the car and it's been fine for a year. The adjustment was correct.

The other day it puked all fluid out and the pedal hit the floor and stayed there. The boy drove the car 20 miles or so home with no clutch function whatsoever. I instructed him on how to do this more than a year ago when the Ram garbage popped on him.

We pulled the tranny, disassembled the slave to find the billet piston has evidence of seizure...yes, scratches along the piston. $550 part ready for the trash can. I attribute this to an engineering flaw where the genious didn't figure heat expansion into the design. Same thing I saw with the Ram set up. The Ram spit out o-rings in shreads like freakin cotton candy.

Anyway, he went back to stock with a steel braided hydraulic line upgrade from JPC Racing which is a nice piece which is supposed to flow more. Tommy Godfrey informed me that the '07-up clutch MASTER cylinder is supposed to be a better master than earlier models so figured I'd throw that info out there for you guys too.

Anyway, a week earlier, my slave popped too. I pulled mine apart and had no seizure evidence. I installed another seal kit in mine and still have the McLeod unit in my car which only sees a few K miles per year. I'll let you guys know what happens. While inspecting the slave during the seal kit installation I noticed that rotating it while in the bell housing rather than removing it and adjusting the sleeve in your hand does not matter in the area of possibly causing seals to tear or anything like that.
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