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I think my hurst died

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I noticed last night that there is a ton of slop in my shiftEr when it's in gear. Also when shifting I can feel like a clicking/grinding noise in the base of of the shift like something is stuck in it. Is it time for a mgw?
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lol thats ironic, in that one thread you were just talking about your hurst hahah, get the mgw or pro 5.0
Remove the shift boot and see if the shifter is actually to blame here.

Jazzer :)
:withhomo. maybe something is loose or something :dunno

There is quite a bit of slop it almost feels like it's in nuetral when in gear


You know you want itttt!
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Maybe the tranny brother.. Has the pattern seemed crooked as if the shift from 1-2 is not straight back, and the same with 3-4? That would mean your synchros are going, or the roller pins came out of the shift forks. Time for a D&D Performance T-3650.
And any time is a good time for a MGW... Damn near sounds like a bear add...miller genuine ...hmmm I don't know what the w would stand for
Hate to say it but it might not the the shifter bud :(

Could be a tranny issue too. But I'd suggest first, taking off the shifter and see if it actually is the shifter. If not, then we'll have to assume it's a tranny issue and we can go from there.
Uhhh so the shifter handle bolts were loose :shiftyeyes no mgw for me :sorry
its prob just the plastic bushing that sits over the ball that goes down into the shifter 5 dollar fix
Uhhh so the shifter handle bolts were loose :shiftyeyes no mgw for me :sorry
Well that's good news though! No $$$ issues.
Yeah cheap fix, now I can buy my kyb agxs on Friday
haha, this happens to me from time to time. I have a shift arm I did up, I messed up somehow and have to tighten the bolts back down once a month or so. I should loctite the bolts in...
ya'll sukas

Jazzer no need to poke fun bc your sexual and violent :shiftyeyes
All you pepes want a piece of The Jazzer...

Jazzer.... bringin' sexuality to psychopaths :)
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Omg WTF is that hahaha
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