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Greetings! I'm new to this site, and wanted to throw around some ideas for feedback. First let me introduce my mustang..

90 Mustang GT
Newly installed ATK 347 stroker
Jack Roush heads
supercharger 60 pound injectors 10lb of boost
forged pistons
355 gears
trickflow intake
center force dual friction clutch

Right now I have these huge 20 inch cobra replica rims (from previous owner) that I'm looking to replace with the rts-s71 17s. After doing some research, these rims definitely don't come cheap especially factoring in the 5-lug conversion I want to do as well. With this style rim being old, are there any other rims to look out for that would look good? Any recommendations on changing my current setup? I'm not looking to turn it into a track car, but definitely love the weekend rides burning up some tires lol.

Also, if I was looking to sell my car what would be a fair asking price with my current setup? Like I said the engine is brand spanking new. Any help would be appreciated.


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