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You can't have a monster build without proper fueling! With 800+ horsepower, those cute little stock injectors just ain't gonna cut it!

Injector Dynamics is one of the biggest names in the business, and for good reason! All of their injectors are built to spec and made for racing, not a modified production component.

They are one of the best brands out there for delivering high flow/large injectors that retain good driveability!

Available through Aristocrat Autosport, we have the ID1050X, the ID1300, the ID1700, and the mighty ID2000, as well as Plug n' Play adapters for a huge variety of applications!!!

Send us a message with your ZIP code for pricing, or for any questions! We would be happy to help you get the perfect setup for your car, as we also have several brands of fuel pumps available from Walbro, Deatshwerks, AEM, etc.

Oh, and did we mention.... FREE SHIPPING? :wink2:


Website: Aristocrat Autosport, LLC - .:Building Your Dreams Into Reality:. - Homepage
CALL OR TEXT: 714-340-6596
Email: [email protected]
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