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This was done on a 2000 convertible GT. I would imagine that the 79-93, 94-98 and the 99-04 would be the same or very similar.

All in all this is a very simple processes and even an inexperienced individual should be able to handle this task.

What i used...

4 jack stands
18mm wrench and deep-well socket
13mm socket
9/16 deep-well socket
11/16 deep-well socket
13/16 deep-well socket
8mm socket
1/2 drive ratchet and breaker bar
3/8 drive ratchet
Flat blade screw driver
Pry bar
15mm wrench
Various sized extensions

First of all you want to get the back of the car in the air and position your jack stands

Put the front 2 jack stands here

The back two jack stands will support the rear axle of the car. Once you get your front two stands positioned, you'll want to lower the rear axle of the car till its hanging and then jack it back up about 6 inches and position your stand to support the axles. Put your stands as close to the differential as possible, this will help later on with pulling the LCA's and installing them.

Next you'll want to remove the sway bar. youll need to remove this line and little bracket.

Go ahead and unbolt all 4 sway bar bolts and put the whole thing out.

Now, loosen the LCA bolts. The one at the rear of the car is very easy but the one towards the front had a couple things in the way. i unbolted this little bracket.

And i loosened up my cat-back and swung it out of the way.

Other wise i couldn't get to the bolt within this hole here.

Position your jack under the rear of the LCA like so.

Remove the bolt and let it down slowly.

Remove your spring once its free.

Go ahead and remove the other LCA bolt and pull out the LCA.

With my LCA's(Maximum Motorsports) i had to remove my parking break cable and reposition the parking break bracket.

If this is required for your LCA's, first you'll need to remove the E-clip that is holding the cable. I used a flat bladed screw driver and it popped right out. Before you do anything to you parking break, make sure it is OFF!

Grab the end of the parking break cable and pull it off.

From there just remove the cable.

In the stock configuration the bracket looked like this.

And I needed to make it look like this.

My LCA's have poly bushings on one end and need to be greased before installation.

Get them all greased up, inside and out... this can get messy.

I used the crush sleeve to spread the grease around before putting the bushings in the LCA's. Once you spread that gooey stuff around, install the bushings into the LCA's and then the crush sleeve.

Spread some grease on the outer part of the bushing that'll be contacting the car.

Install the front part of the LCA first. Do not tighten the nut and bolt yet, loosely fit it for now.

Install the spring ISO, if you'd like, you can remove them now for an extra 1/4 inch drop. Then position the spring on the LCA while the end of the LCA is on your jack, jack the LCA into position and install you bolt.

An important thing to remember, is while positioning your springs, the pig tails need to be at the back of the car or in other words pointing towards the driver side.

Now you can tighten the LCA bolts down nice and tight. Once you've done that go ahead and slip the parking break bracket back over the cable and reinstall the parking break cable.

This is not required but is suggested. once a good set of LCA's are installed, you can remove your quad shocks. just go ahead and unbolt them and pull them out cause they are now dead weight.

This nut here is welded to the quad bracket, so don't try to undo it cause you'll feel like a idiot once you realize its welded :eek:

Follow these exact steps for the other side of the car.

Once you've done both sides you can now reinstall the sway bar.

Now go ahead and bolt the cat-back back up and put your wheels back on and lower her down... Its time for a test drive :cool:
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