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Like many classic Mustangs, our 1967 convertible’s original carpet looked a little rough. That changed with the installation of ACC Mass Back Carpet, which made it look like new again!

ACC Mass Back Carpet is a premium product from a top automotive carpet company, and can significantly upgrade any classic Mustang’s interior to look factory fresh. The Mass Back Carpet comes pre-molded to make installation easier, and features the same materials (80% Nylon/20% Rayon) as the original, plus a jute backing and a heel and toe pad.

What makes this carpet special, though, is the Mass Back. Mass Back is a tough rubber layer between the carpet and the jute insulation which increases the form and rigidity of the carpet, while decreasing the noise inside of your Mustang, virtually eliminating the need for Dynamat. However, despite the additional layer, the carpet still looks exactly like the original once it’s installed, just with more moldability, sound deadening and insulation.

Our 1967 Mustang convertible definitely needed some new carpet, so watch today’s installation video, as Bill shows you how to install the Mass Back Carpet from ACC, step by step. While it’ll take a solid afternoon to install, the benefit will be tremendous.
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