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Hey everyone,

I recently upgraded back to FRPP PI intake manifold, previous owner had replaced it using the Dorman one. Anyway, the new PI manifold does not come with hardware, and the Dorman one does not use machine screws for the the fuel rails or the ignition coils. I looked for this information everywhere I could think of to try and find the correct hardware with no luck. Nor could I find a hardware kit for this application. Just got back from Pep Boys with the correct hardware and figured I would share my findings in case any one out there needs to replace a bolt or all of them.

Ignition Coils - M5-.80 x 20mm (I went with allen head screws as it can be a little hard to get a socket or wrench in there.
Fuel Rails - M6-1.0 x 20mm (Hex head bolts, 10mm socket size)

The rest of the mounting holes all share the same thread and pitch as the fuel rails, M6-1.0.

I hope this helps someone in the future.
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