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i live at the track and two buddies have dynos in edmonton stock gt dont matter how good you think you can drive the cars run 14.3 at best in stock trim at castrol raceway they also range from 255rwhp to 265rwhp at 2500ft had a dyno day couple months ago 25 new stangs showed i know what stangs pull i dont know how old you are son but i have been around stangs a while and you should check the calibrations at your track cause your makein history running under 13.5 in a stock gt lmfao..

Well, not to get real crazy but I can tell he is older then you just by his sentence structure.

He is also a respected member of this forum that has always given great advice.

And just because your experiences are different then ours, does not make YOU right.

Didnt you just post about having a full exhaust and all these mods with a 150 shot but no CAI? Just the factory air box with a hole cut out in it?
1 - 3 of 110 Posts
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