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Ed hardy clothing report,The Pentagon spokesman, said on July 26, the United States is pursuing the war in Afghanistan who leaked the documents, and said those involved may have a higher authority in the military insiders.

According to Ed hardy shoes July 26 news, the U.S. Defense Department official said the U.S. military document leaked more than 91,000 personnel in Afghanistan, secret documents, has a secret permission to look close to sensitive information that the war in Afghanistan, this does not rule out the source of the leak is the possibility of insiders. He also said that in the near future there may be more secret documents to light.

"We will do the work necessary to find out exactly who is responsible for the leak to this effect." Pentagon spokesman Morrell said, adding that until the name of who leaked the information before being caught, the U.S. military Douyao in state of alert, because more information may be released at any time. Morrell in speech is not being leaked document content itself to make any assessment,Ed hardy bags said he is still unable to confirm these numbers large information.

Reported that the Revealed website "wiki decrypt" in the July 24 announcement of the large number of "Afghan war record", revealed the secret U.S. military operations in Afghanistan confidential. These documents very detailed, documented the many civilian casualties in Afghanistan is not open and the details of military operations in Afghanistan, the U.S. military. The White House issued a statement that evening indeed recognition of these confidential documents leaked, and leaked documents that could threaten U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, the smooth development of joint action.
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