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Wow you rule. I hope I can find this when I am looking to do some forced induction.
crap here we go again. i hope this thread can be solved in less than 10 pages.

i for one have run both style blowers and had great success with them. currently i run a mid size twin screw on my 03 cobra. the pro's of owning a twin screw over a centri is simply owners preferance. the cons of a twin screw is heat. heat is what robbs hp from a motor and it can come from hot air from a hot day or not having a efficent enough intercooler. with twin screw heat cant be zapped with a simple intercooler kit. this problem comes from a few things but the biggest issue is placement of the sc. placing the supercharger directly on top of the motor is like putting ice in a pot on burning stove. since the area is so small inside the manifold of a twin screw it limits the size of the core that can fit. earlier this week i was on the dyno getting a re tune on my car and intake temps were very surprising. it was 72 degrees at the time of the dyno and i had been icing down my intercooler water so it was down to 32 degrees with ice packed in it. during the pull my iat temps still registered 92 degrees. that means the intercooler really did not do that swell of a job. now a twin screw does produce great numbers and if setup proper can offer amazing track times. on the street it is fun since the low end power really picks up but i have found it frustrating at the same time cause my car feels sluggish on hot days. on cool days that are under 65 degrees the car is a hole diff story since my car wakes right back up and drives with every hp it can offer.

centri powered stangs still have there things that can be seen as both negative and positive. gas milage out if a centri is not nearly effected since there really isnt a lot of change in power with part throttle. it does make the car kind of boring since with a centri car your running it all or nothing to get the power. with a stock motor and low boost it is boring since the power does not come in till the big end. now the fix for that is getting a built motor and turning the piss out of the centri. a centri loves to be spun and the faster it turns the earlier the boost comes, making the car almost as fun as driving a twin screw car. as for the heat issues, they are there but can be solved. using an air to air intercooler looses the option for ice but there is less heat soak like an air to water intercooler. iat's are drasticaly dropped with an air to air intercooler centri blower since it only puts out a fraction of the heat of a twin screw and can easily be cooled. another advantage is the ability to add meth to a centri setup. now some will argue this cause people use meth on a twin screw as well but it is not nearly as efficent as it is with a centri blower. this is cause passing meth threw a hot intercooler does nothing but heat the meth back up making it pretty much worthless. the last time i was at the dyno with my old centri power 2000 gt with a air to air intercooler and meth it was over 90 degrees in the bay. the car made 6 pulls all within an hour and it consistently ran a iat temp of 84 degrees! thats right the air going in the motor was cooler than it was in the bay. every pull made the same power unlike my twin screw cobra which makes less power every pull due to the heat.
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