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Is the Mustang the new HEMI? ~RANT~

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Ok here's my rant. Hemi? Now how in the world could could i put Hemi and Mustang in the same sentence. Think back 4-5 years ago and this commercial came on with two guys in duster pulling up to a stoplight. A nice shiny black ram pulls up next to it and they look over and go WOW does that thing got a Hemi?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I remember thinking oh cool they brought the Hemi back, sweet. But then more commericals came out, and I remember telling my friends, you watch there gonna drop that damn Hemi in everything under the sun and play it out. Sadly they did, Hemi V6 PT cruiser? no thanks, Hemi Jeep? No thanks. So that brings me to where I'm at today as I look at the main page and see yet ANOTHER special edition stang. I think they have taken the S197 body style over the edge with all these damn variations. GT, GTR, GTKR, Roush,1, or 2 or 3 or Shelby 350, 500, Saleen, Bullitt, ETC... And anything else i may have missed. I think it takes away from being special edition when theres 20 different kinds of special edition.

This in no way is a knock to anyone with a S197 at all, I like em, just a personal opinion.

Rant Over :D
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How many of any of those "special" addition stangs do you ever see? Not a whole heck of alot.
I think they should just make the mustang nicer in general so there doesnt need to be so many special editions. Put a real engine in it, get rid of the gay fake plastic scoops, put decent suspension on it.
Nothing but tards in there. besides, my playboy thread got sent there and a day later it vanished completely, WTF. LOL.
HOLY ****!!!!!! i agree 100% I think the V6 offering makes that hard to do. Ford has gotten away with doing very little to these cars and still selling the piss out of them. NO OFFENSE TO V6 OWNERS!!

Oh BTW, im puttin 4:10's in my car, it hurt my feelings when you called me a pussy so im gonna man up. :D
LOL, youll thank me later :yes
oh and the V6 is an embarrisment - looks like crap, sounds like crap, performs like crap.

Thank you captain obvious :D The question is why? That thing was a classic!
It should have been here
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it probably had nudes in it
Well Im not the one who put it in there! Oh well, ya'lls loss :yes
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