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I have a 2008 ford 4.6L mustang I bought recently. I got it off auction so I don't know anything about the vehicles mod history.

From what I can tell, the owner put on Borla exhausts, cams, and a tune. The owner left his original SCT XCalibrator 2 tune installer with 2 tunes and 1 stock tune on it.

I need to pass I/M readiness, but my Cat, O2, and O2 heater sensors are incomplete. Ive tried all the drive cycles I can find, and have put on over 150 miles trying to get them to complete.

I wonder if the tune has the rear O2 sensors turned off to keep the MIL from turning on. I'm also wondering if the high flow muffler delete Borla exhaust’s will affect the completion of the sensors.

Ive read in other forums that people go back to stock exhausts and stock tune and have the issue fixed that way. But I don't have the luxury of having the stock exhausts with me. Ive read about other people putting plates in their exhausts to restrict airflow and allow the CAT to heat up to the correct activation temp.

If you guys have any solutions or any ideas, let me know! Ive been trying to fix this issue for the past month, and I need to pass inspection asap in 2 weeks. Any help is greatly appreciated 🙏
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