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Hey guys it has been awhile, I am back and a lot has happened to my 2000 Mustang GT since then.

I still have my mustang and enjoy it every time I drive it. Eventually will have another car in the garage. Eyes are on a 93 R32 Skyline or 92-94 Silvia S14. Mustang is staying and isnt going anywhere.

What I have done to the car as of now

Mac LT headers
LP Hi flow X-pipe
Outlaw Dump Exhaust
Steeda Intake
TF 75mm TB
Accufab Plenum
Ford Performance Manifold
MM Adjustable Clutch Cable
BBK fuel pump - on order

Koni STR Shocks and Struts
MM CC Plates
H&R SS Springs
Steeda Bumpsteer
Steeda ball joints
White line upper and lower control arms
Stifflers Sub frame connectors
MM Panhard Bar - sitting in closet

Upgraded the side scoops to 02-04? I believe
Carters Customs rear diffuser
shorty antenna
Magic Drift Front Lip
Smoked lights
Yellow Fogs
wing taken off
Rovo Durbans with Nittos

next plans for the mustang is I am looking at a long block from Modular Motorsports and plan to boost. I haven't got all the funds together yet but enough for the long block. Boost wise I haven't really decided yet.


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