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It's almost Christmas

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Well, not really, but my new Centerforce DF clutch, and Centerforce billet steel flywheel should be here Thursday :D

I should have it installed by Friday afternoon, and back roaming the streets again :cool:
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sweet Christmas in march!
did you ever get your hood and front fixed?
did you ever get your hood and front fixed?

No, I figured it would be better for the car to actually be able to move under its own power

It may be a few months before I get to it. I built a new shop last month, and I still have to run electricity, paint the floor, and get some shelves and other equipment.

I beat on the hood with a hammer a little bit, and put a new chrome trim piece on it for now. It's actually hardly noticable, but I will be fixing it.
thats a top of the line will luv it.good luck
Santa has arrived :D

The abuse of the gas pedal will begin by this time tomorrow :D
what happened to that beautiful hood?
I beat on it with a hammer a little bit, and got it looking a little better, but it's next in line. I figured I better get the car where it could move under its own power before I fixed the cosmetics.

I just built a new shop and it still needs electricity, floor paint, shelves, ect.... so the hood will be a few months away.
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