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its gettin close

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paint should be done tues/wed then to the mech for the clutch, gears and nitrous. what do ya think of the stripe
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What color is it being painted??
It looks Redfire, but it looks like the entire car is being painted, so I thought it might be a custom color
it is redfire, had the hood painted and blended the fenders, then sanded the entire car and re-cleared(i hated the factory orange peel),then the stripes were painted and again cleared the entire car. color sanded to 6000 and buffed. the stripes look darker in the shade but they are actually lighter, just a.dd a litle sun
If ya don't mind me asking, what was the paint job quoted at?
i live in no. cal, and it seems from all the posts ive seen that everything is more expensive here. anyway, $7800.00. i also had custom hood opening grills cnc machined that are way badass. the final pics should be posted by thurs. god, i cant wait.
thanks guys
$7800:eek: I've done whole paint jobs going all the way down to metal for $3000 well I hope your happy with it. never the less, thats just a lot of money for what your having done. clear coat for top of line **** is about 2.50 per sparyable ounce, and it would take about 100-140 ounces depending on the coats, and how thick it is being applied. it does look good, but I just gotta ask did they provide the lube, or did you have to take it dry;)
this aint maaco
Cali is far more expensive, I didn't think it would be that high though either.. It also depends on the shop, if it's an established, reputable, numerous cars in mags for recognition type place then you pay out your nose.

I fit all my parts, then dropped them off for paint. Brought em back and installed myself so the cost was brought down there.. My outlay for paint was only 1800.00 for the whole cervinis kit..

Here locally it's 4500, 5k for something like this jobe he's done. The cost of living out there is way high, with that so is almost everything else out there..
so true. theres also 74.9hrs in body r&r and paint labor
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