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Just a quick question

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Ok my girlfriend just got a 2000 mustang . I want to put aftermarket radio in, but its total differnt then ours. There is pretty much two radios in this thing. Theres where the actual radio is and then the cd player. So does anyone know what to do for this or and kind of dash kit for this? And i know this is the wrong section but i only post in here and you guys kno everything. Thank you.
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You just put a single din headunit in the upper spot and you can do a couple things with the lower. You can leave the CD player in there, get a delete face for it, or make it a little storage cubby.
u turned mine into a storage thing. its nice. love it. and its freaking easy to do lol. just get it apart hook the wireing harnesses up and plug them intothe aftermarket CD player. easy
Yeah at some point I want to get an aftermarket head unit and then put a felt lined cubby where the cd player was, I hate how they put the CD player behind the shifter the way they did.

Problem though is I want a head unit that looks as though it could be stock. I see too many cars with the 'bling' look going on and just think that they're asking to get it stolen.
+1 on the pocket. I absolutely love mine. It's great for throwing your wallet and sunglasses in.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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