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just curious... new stang with performance springs BUT ? noise..

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so i bought new GT stang and the front springs squeek lol i just dont like how it sounds.. i mean im driving around looking like a stud in my sick mustang then i hit a bump and ppl hear "sqeek...Sqeek' any ideas? is it just an easy wd-4o spray fix or what ??? my dad lifted his truck and i hear his truck bed rear end sqeeks after his aftermarket springs or lift
Thanks guys.
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it could be your spring iso's
struts or ball joints.
same thing is happing to me but i think mine is comming from my rear lca's
you get new isos or use stock?
struts or ball joints.
yes also could be
i would have to check.. i may just go to les schaw they have an add out sayin the check ur suspension for free lol i belive i have Knotckins lol performance springs with aftermarkey sway bars.. besides that i gotta check
if its sounds like a deep rubbery squeek then its prob spring isolaters. happened in my rear but changed to poly ones when i put new springs in.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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