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Just picked up a nice supercharged 06 gt I got a great deal on it but even so the guy said it would pass smog no problem & it does have the e.o. number on the supercharger so I figured it should be all good but I just tried to smog it today & I live in northern California btw & they told me the car had a "hot" smog in the past so I have to take it to the smog referee! Wich wouldnt be that big of a deal but my catalytic converter monitor is I'm guessing turned off in the tune? Because next to the cat monitor on my scanner it says n/a. So I have a few questions if anyone can help-
Num 1. Do I need to try to find someone who can tune the car on a dyno to turn the cat monitor back on?
2. When I get the cat monitor back on & I'm pretty sure I'll need to put some cats on it I dont see any other reason they would have turned the cat monitor off if it had cats on it but when I get some cats on it does it need to be re-tuned with the cats?
3. Is there any type of handheld tuner I could get that would allow me to turn the cat monitor back on without messing with anything else with the tune it has now? I know absolutely nothing about the tune that's in it now but it seems to be working fine the car runs great so I personally don't want to mess with the tune unless there is a way I can do it without changing anything besides turning the cat monitor back on?
4. Does anyone know of anyplace in the northern California area that does dyno tuning? I live about 2 & a half hrs north of sac
5. Any better ideas on getting this thing to pass smog?
I very much appreciate any advice anyone can offer thank u!


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