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Kenne Bell 2.1

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I got into a argument with my roommate about how that I would need to get forged internals to run this supercharger, he says that they make that 2.1 to run on the stock 2V motor. Who is right? Keep in mind I have 91K for miles.
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As long as you keep the boost reasonable, you can run that blower all day long, plenty of stock long block gt's running it.
In stock form(9 psi intercooled or 6 psi non-intercooled or less) are designed and are fine for stock engines. when you up the boost then that's a different story
im not 100% sure but you should be able to run a supercharger/turbo on a lower setting but you will need forged internals and a lower piston compression ratio to run a higher setting
You could run an easy 16 psi on a stock engine
You could run an easy 16 psi on a stock engine
on a 03-04 cobra, but on a 2v?:eek: difinitely don't suggest that
cool what will the gaines be at intercooled 9psi?
You are both right in a way. If you have the INTERCOOLED 2.1 you can up the boost and go well over 400 but you will need the forged rotating assembaly. However, the normal boost preasure that comes standard with the kit is 9 PSI. 9 PSI is fine for the stock 2V and thats why KB made it that way. The 2.1 is right there in the midle which is cool. Kb made it so you can keep it within the stock limits and offer a lot more boost potential for the people with a built bottom end
around 400 rwhp
so with stock internals and runnin 9psi what will my numbers be???
and the kit comes with everything I need right?
will I need a tune as well???
so with stock internals and runnin 9psi what will my numbers be???
Depends on your supporting mods

and the kit comes with everything I need right?
What kit?

will I need a tune as well???

Sounds like you need to do a little research...
Please, Hudge, do a little research before posting stuff like this...

The KB kit you're talking about is made for the stock engine- KB will set you in the right direction as to which kit, what pullies, and what mods need to be done in order for your set up to work how you want it.

Kenne Bell Web Home

Seriously, this website is chock full of good info regarding which mods are good, which are bad, which are a waste of money, etc. Plus, unless you find a hell of a deal elsewhere, I suggest ordering the kit from these guys because a) you probably won't find a hell of a deal (under 3k) and b) they don't sell anywhere else brand-new.

If you littered Jim Bell's inbox with this stuff he'd probably go out of his way to make sure you DON'T have a Kenne Bell supercharger. That's why you need to do research on this stuff- look it up on google, search it on the forum, hell, give me a call- but if you're asking questions that get asked every other day, you're looking at a quick way to lose respect with the other guys on here.

PS- call me and I'll answer that question real quick for ya!
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I thought thats what this forum was about??? but ill see what I can figure out.
The forum is here for general guidance- meaning, 95% of the time, you can find your answer without posting anything- much like this question. The search feature is your friend!

Of course, if you don't find anything, posting new threads is always welcomed and encouraged here at MM :)
Assuming your car is stock you should have in the neighborhood of 380-405 hp. Look for 400-410 if you have CAI and catback. The kit is designed to start with the stock engine however, the boost range is from 6-14 PSI which means you will exeed your stock bottom end quickly with any other mods. I recomend the kit, just keep it at 9 PSI till you are forged.
This is going to sound like one of the most dickheaded thing I've said on here, but you just wrecked your car so you have plenty of time to read up and have a decent idea of what you're doing before you even start looking at superchargers.

I'm sorry to hear about your wreck, but at least it gives you time to learn. I sound like a dick in my other post too, but it makes me kinda mad when people ask questions like "will I need a tune?" I'm settled down now though :) There are tons of threads about superchargers and KB installs, just search for them. Google is your friend :yes and you can learn a lot by reading on KB's website and web sites of other twin screw or roots style blowers
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