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Kill List....

767 Views 6 Replies 3 Participants Last post by  workinprogress from a sort of small town (15,000 people) in western nebraska where there is nothing to do on a friday and saturday night but drink beer or cruise main street. Well i was fresh out of beer and decided to go cruise uptown where i find all types of cars driving around. Well i belong to a local Mustang club called Sinister Stangs and we all got together (12 of us) and rode in a....herd ....if you will. Without fail tons of car pull up next to me and rev up looking for a little "light-to-light" race. And being a Mustang owner, racing is pretty much in my blood. Anyway back to the point of this thread...The KIll List. It is the types of cars that got the better view of the back of my car for the night.

1.2005 Mustang V6
2. New Gen Nissan 350Z
3. 1991 Acura Integra (yank yank)
4. 1998ish Civic turbo
5. 1988ish Camaro
6. 2005 Lincoln (LS or Towncar or something) haha
7. Late 90's Dodge Turbo Deisel

Not a bad night i would have to say
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congrats, but wrong section for sure
This will be moved. Decent list good job!
yeah it goes in the street section fyi and i agree with d man up there a mod needs to move this tread there
gotcha...didn't even know that was there...thanks
no prob
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