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knocking after tune

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has anyone encountered this problem? after i installed my kb tune i needed to change back to stock, and after reinstalling the kb tune back in i have a severe misfire / knock. after this i sent the sct back to kenne bell, they said everything was fine with the tune and even sent me a new sct. the car still sounds like a jackhammer but will not display a code. any ideas?
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It sounds like you got a bad tune, or have a mechanical issue. Never let the motor knock!!! Read this on detonation. And then this about widebands Try working with KB, but if you can't get your tune straightened out let me know and i can help with the tuning.
If you have the big tube CAI you can get up to a full AF point of "adjustment" by messing with the flexible tube in front of the maf and clocking of the MAF.
Call your tuner or SCT to fix the problem. If its a mechanical problem they will not be able to fix it. does it detonate right after startup? Can you datalog how much timing there is? Its really weird that it knocks at idle. With such low cylinder pressures it can handle huge timing and lean AF without knocking. Can you shoot a short video or describe the problem with lots of detail? If it starts knocking get out of the gas or turn it off if you are already off the gas. Have you checked the oil and coolant?
1 - 6 of 48 Posts
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