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knocking after tune

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has anyone encountered this problem? after i installed my kb tune i needed to change back to stock, and after reinstalling the kb tune back in i have a severe misfire / knock. after this i sent the sct back to kenne bell, they said everything was fine with the tune and even sent me a new sct. the car still sounds like a jackhammer but will not display a code. any ideas?
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My tune ran perfect...although I had alternative auto in Mount Clemens, MI install it
You're right out of all the kits i hate how kb had us relocate so many things.Return to stock wouldn't be hard just seriously aggrevating,besides the engine bay would never look the same and you still wouldn't get warranty repair.
Dumps, after all that aggravation I'm glad you were able get the problem fixed. Bad timing that it happened just after you installed the kb, otherwise it might have been easier to discover. Things like that happen to me way too frequently. I do something new, then develop a problem, so I assume it has something do with what I just did, never thinking that it might be something unrelated that just happened to wait til then to go wrong.
Glad you got it taken care of man, did you add some cams while you were there?
no i didn't have cams put in because im paying out the ass to get the rest of the problems fixed. i think im going to do a short block over next winter so im going to do cams and some other things then. yeah oddball every time i do something to my car it inter fears with something else ive done. i guess thats what happens when you f**k with a brand new car as much as i have.
Preach it,given the chance i would of stuck with my steeda cold air kit,installed a full exhaust, springs,tint and other little goodies or done an internal swap then put the blower on,one of the two but patience is the name of the game and most of us have little or none of it.
BS!!!!!!!! if the KB didn't directly make it fail then it should be covered under warranty. I would have a talk with the manager at the dealer
+1. F*ck the dealerships. There's no way they can void your warranty if the aftermarket parts didn't cause the problems.
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