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Well since I bent my front right strut, and my suspension has never even been changed from day one (the stock air filter was still in it when I bought it from a private seller lol), I figured it's time to replace all the struts and shocks.

Question is has anybody ever had any experiance with the KYB GR2 suspension? Here's a link from where I will most likely buy them: KYB GR2 Gas Strut - Front, 94-04 GT/V6 235060 -

I am not worried about "high performance" just something that will keep the wheels to the street and keep the ride smooth.

I was also looking at the Tokico HP blue set from brenspeed, do these two compare to each other in durability and performance? I would buy those but I don't feel like taking the time to clear customs my self to save on money (I live in Canada).

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