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I noticed no one really talks about these things, more or less I see more talk about LCA and UCA. What would be a upgrade for the quad shock?

I know Ive seen KYB selling a quad shock. Is it worth upgrading?
Im looking at doing Circuit and was wondering.
Ive had help and Im looking at the UMI upper and lower rear control arm kit which is adjustable and spherical etc.

So I figured if im going to do the upgrades in the rear why not the quad shock so anyone have any answers?

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Quad shocks were a band-aid, supposedly to try and prevent wheel hop.

If you get a good set of LCAs, they're no longer necessary. All they're doing is adding weight and costing you ride quality.

Basically, just a long-winded +1 to what's already been said, hahaha.
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