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LED Bulbs for Headlights

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Holy moly has technology come far! Remember those cheap ebay plug and play kits? Now I have Morimoto 7.0 H1 Minis retrofitted in my mustang with Morimoto h1 bulbs, morimoto V2 ballasts and a morimoto controller. The light output is par none - but what about the guys not wanting to drop all this time and money into retros?

I daily a 2018 F150 Ecoboost. The halogens this truck comes with should be illegal. Infact I've read the same thing from other guys. H11 bulbs from quality vendors are sold out continuously because Ford skimped so badly on the headlights - and the F150 is such a hot selling truck in general. Meet the new LED bulbs. I don't know about you guys - but this is exciting. I'm not talking about cheap amazon LED's, but LED's that actually mimic the halogen bulb so they actually work in a reflector housing and not blind people and actually project light on the road.

I was deciding on the Morimoto 2stroke 2.0, Supernova V4 or Diode Dynamics SR1. I eventually chose the 2stroke being a morimoto fan. It's also the only bulb that's in stock as of this post. Now I am talking about my F150 here. I have yet to install them as I'm waiting on my dust caps to come in (these LED's have heat sinks and fans to cool them so I got deeper dust caps to allow for more air flow) but the reason I made this thread is - has anyone tried these new LED bulbs (again, quality ones that mimic the halogen filiment - not cheap ones) in the stock 9007 housing of a Mustang? The purpose of this thread is to perhaps help people that desire quality light output without the costs/hassle of a retro. I could see guys with new headlights rocking a set of these new high quality LED's getting some good output that's usable and not blinding and not having to drop the coin on retros. I can't see them rivaling quality retros, but I can see them being a rival to cheap retros. (If you've seen a retro using cheap amazon projectors you'll know what I mean. If you've seen a retro using Morimoto mini 7.0's you'll know what I mean. The difference is incredible. Infact I have a retro using cheap projectors sitting in my garage and the output is garbage compared to Morimotos)

I'll post my results after I get the LED's installed, but I'm excited. Both my Mustang from 2001 and now my F150 seem dangerous at night with halogen. I also get headaches at night because I'm straining so hard to see. Morimoto killed the HID game. I wonder how the LEDs perform. According to tests they are supposed to be 2.5x brighter while light being usable. 550lumens at night SUCK.

For the record, if you guys want the absolute best apparently the supernova v4 is the jam. They are sold out until mid-Jan due to popularity.

These 2stroke 2.0s come with a 3 year warranty to boot. How can you beat that on a bulb? TRS is good about their warranties too. I had to warranty a Acme speedy start ballast that died after 6 months (this is why I just went to morimoto ballasts in my retro) and they replaced it and all they asked for is a picture of the old ballast with the power wire cut.

To note: While the 2018 F150 is fun being a twin turboed V6, the Mustang is my passion and money pit. Only thing my truck has is the STX package and tint. I'm keeping it mostly stock as it's a DD and not really my passion. 10 speeds and 350hp/400tq out of a 2.7 V6 getting 25mpg is nice though.
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I used a similar design in my thread on s197 forum. Not much better than stock but please post up the results.
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