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I installed a LED 3rd brake light yesterday to go with my LED tail lights and this caused all my LED lights to burn dim when the car is on.
If I unplug one of the LED connectors and put a regular bulb in all the LED lights go off and work as they should.
If I unlug the whole 3rd brake light harness my LED tail lights glow. If I plug in the third brake light with a regular bulb the tail lights go out and function normally.

My buddy with an 02 mustang has the same setup and tested mine in his car and they don't have the glowing problem. I've read others have had t his problem and it's due to 9.3volts leaking through and they install a resistor to the LED's.
I don't want to jigger rig it when I know others do not have this issue and there must be a repair to something leaking the voltage.

New headlight and multifunctional switch installed and yield same result.
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