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lets start

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with the difference in modding the 10 vs the 05-09's whats not compatable with the older body styles?
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i guess its a little premature...seeing as there are only about three members here with 2010's ?
ribs...i had ribs for lunch, thats why im doing this...
Im glad i created the first derailed thread for the 2010 section :)
and im not the one who derailed it :)
i know...thats my job usually
what would that be?
Im in a glass case of emotion!
the chinese food you just ate is coming out....

like this....


thats how all the St. Huberts I eat out there comes out....but i cant get enough of it when im there.
i just left. not going back untill after new years now.

I have crews working in St hyacinte, Becancour, three rivers and St. Foy.
u just left and u didnt think of coming to visit me...


my bad.

I can stalk you next time im there.
dear lord!
perspective. I love my interior
1 - 13 of 111 Posts
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