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lets start

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with the difference in modding the 10 vs the 05-09's whats not compatable with the older body styles?
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i think more, but theyll end up coming into our section anyways since we know about the engine
well , your right about the engine knowing. but its good to have our own section. the cars may be on the same chassy but the SN10 are lighter by a few hundred and have more aero symetric lines. **** even the engine bay is tighter so who knows if things like turbo kits for the 05-09 will even fit ! im new so dont bash on me for being such thanks guys for all your help so far..
i look forward to start buying parts while still in afghanistan! speacially the big power adder boost!
they arent called SN10s. that was a joke in another thread. Ive yet to look under the hood. so i wouldnt know anything about it being tighter
probably a woman in charge of the decision
i might be heading up to the great north with my roomate next month
1 - 5 of 111 Posts
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