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License plate laws in PA, Shift nob, windex on tinted?

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I have 3 quick questions. 1. I couldnt find much info on the threads on a stock mustang shifter. How will I know if an 8 ball shifter will fit or not?

2. Does anybody know how license plate laws work? There are some that I found for my state that are no longer made but im not sure if its possible to register it to a car since I would be buying them online?

3. Is it true or only a myth that windex with amonia or orther glass cleaners will somehow hurt tinted glass? Thanks for the info in advance
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windex with ammonia will hurt your tint, 8 ball shift knob should fit, i thin it comes with diffrent thread inserts, no tag law here in alabama so can't help ya
What should I use on my windows that wont hurt it? I also heard that paper towels will mess it up.
paper towels are fine.
windex is also fine.
For glass cleaner i prefer Stoners Invisible Glass with a Waffle Weave MF
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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