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Was going to install the line lock today. After some looking around and all i decided to wait till another saturday.
A few questions.
Where do you guys mount the solenoid. Its so tight around there.
2nd- I see 2 lines from master cylinder into the pro valve or junction, whatever its called, right under the master cylinder. Then 3 lines coming off that. 1 for rear and 2 for fronts. Figured out the right and left. The line lock only has 1 input and 3 outputs for lines. 2 for lines and 1 for a gauge if youdesire. So what about the 2nd output from the proportioning valve? Do i just plug that and use the one input to the solenoid the out from solenoid to right and left. Dont see a good place to mount the solenoid either??
Anyone pics of where theres is mounted?
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