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location of brake light fuse 2006 gt

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I think this is not an uncommon prob

Im new to these after one day of driving it my transmission interlock wouldnt let me out of park....and yep....the brake lights dont work....ok i flipped the lil cover and got it running but dont want a truck piling into my rear if i drive it.....where is the fuse and what is the fuse number....or what else could be the prob

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Have you checked in the owners manual. It has everything on there. I'd check but I am at work
Pinpoint Test G: One Or More Stoplamps Are Inoperative
Normal Operation

The stoplamp switch is provided voltage through circuit 10 (LG/RD). When the brake pedal is applied, the stoplamp switch routes voltage to the smart junction box (SJB) through circuit 511 (LG). The SJB then provides voltage to the stoplamps through circuits 1783 (RD/WH), 1374 (TN/LB), 1728 (LB/OG), and 1363 (WH/RD). Ground for the stoplamps is provided through circuit 1205 (BK).
  • Possible Causes
  • Fuse
  • Circuit 10 (LG/RD) open
  • Circuit 511 (LG) open
  • Circuit 1205 (BK) open
  • Circuit 1363 (WH/RD) open or short to ground
  • Circuit 1374 (TN/LB) open or short to ground
  • Circuit 1728 (LB/OG) open or short to ground
  • Circuit 1783 (RD/WH) open or short to ground
  • Stoplamp switch
  • SJB
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check the fuse box under the hood on the right side, fuse#59 and #67 are 30 amp fuses for the smart junction box, if they are good check fuse #15 stop lamp switch(10amp) locate in the fuse panel in the right kick panel, if its good then you could have either a bad stop lamp switch or either a bad smart junction box, have you ever notice any leaks on the right side of your car around the kick panel (wet carpet)? there is a TSB with water leaks in that area which could cause corrosion to the terminals to the SMJ which could cause your problem or worst short out the SMJ,
Disconnect all the SJB connectors.
Check for:
  • corrosion
  • pushed-out pins
Connect all the SJB connectors and make sure they seat correctly
if you still have a problem then it looks like you'll have to visit your local dealer, they will hook you up to the computer and pull some codes to track down your problem.
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thanks to all.....i misunderstood the Brake on off item on fuse list....BOO.....fuse box near kicker on pass side....10amp fuse # 15....blown

but dont know why it blew...thinking the guys who did my light conversion work for UK roads may have screwed something up as my light bar brake light does not work now

thanks again to all
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