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This was quite a while back when I had first got my GT500, so I decide a few days after that I might as well take it to get tinted.

I go to the same place I've gotten the GT, and C6 tinted before, and drop the car off like normal, and walk back to my house (only about 9 blocks into the neighborhood)

Well I figure I'll go and drive around my GT. This is about 40 minutes later, I'm driving around, and I see another mustang from a far distance, black, and it's a GT from what I can make out with it being so far. I figure I'll close the gap and get a closer look at it since I rarely see any Black GT's, and it had a manual transmission at that. Well, as I get closer to it at the light, I realize that it's a GT500, black, with a slightly lighter black stripe like mine.

Now at this point, I'm thinking what the hell. I've never seen another GT500 around here, let alone it looks, and sounds exactly like mine.

While I'm behind him waiting at the light, the goddamn guy does a burn out in front of me. A long burn out, and just takes off.

I'm ****ing furious by now, and get a chance to pull up beside him, and his face turns really pale, and his smile is gone.

He just takes off and tries to lose me.

I let him take off, and decide to head over to Auto Works, and see that my car isn't there for some *special* reason. I ask the owner and he says that they took the car to get tinted at another shop.

Thing is, the tint was already done when I saw the guy in my GT500 on the street. There was no way that the guy took it to get tinted, had it done, and drove out to where I was in under 30 minutes.

I tell them to cut the bullshit, and I want my car. My friend shows him the pictures he took on his cell phone, and the owner just quits talking.

Guy just freezes up with an "oh ****, I'm caught" look stuck on his face.

He calls someone, I'm assuming the guy that took off in it, and he pulls up a minute later. I tell them to give me my keys, and receive them.

Owner is telling me what can he do to make things right, he's already given my money back on the tint, and says that he'll give me a new set of wheels since he had been burning out in it. I just leave the place.

He's since kept calling me, asking if there's any type of audio/visual equipment I may want to keep quiet.

I told him no, cause the **** that he's done isn't right, and that he should be expecting to be getting a lot of bad rep.

Bullshit man, especially just burning out like that in public. I swear to god, if he would've crashed the car I would've killed the damn guy.
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