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Longtube Headers

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Alright so i was talkin to the emissions dude the other day and he said as long as your check engine light isnt on ur basically fine. So does longtube headers set off the check engine light?
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my header deleted my cat, and I fixed that with a set of anitfoulers :D, it will probably work for the mustang you just need one on each side,

buy a set of 1/2in anitfoulers from autozone (help partnumber 40002) leave one alone, the other drill out with a 1/2in drill bit, screw the modded anitfouler into the normal one and screw your o2 sensor into the modded one

o2 sensor--modded anitfouler--regular antifouler--exhaust ( do this on both sides of the exhuast for both o2 sensors)

and you have no CEL cause it limits the exhaust the o2 sensor sees so it thinks you still have the cats on.
or you can use a tuner and turn off the downstream o2 sensors or you can get M<IL eliminators.
yeah that too my fix only costs (well for a mustang) 3.50
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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